Environmentally Friendly, Metallized and Premium Paint Coatings

Premium Paint           

Helios Painted Black WheelThe difference between premium and regular paint is the quality of how the paint lays down as well as the special additives that are utilized in the paint to give the paint a special look or feel that a regular paint would not exhibit.

The bulk of the premium paints utilized by the automotive industry contain metallic flakes of various sizes that, through the chemical composition of the paint and the thickness of the application of the paint, allow the metallic flakes to either lay horizontal, vertical or at obtuse angles to the substrate, giving different sheens or looks to the coating.   A number of these paints are applied in layers only angstroms thick instead of mills thick for a regular paint.  Because of the thinness of the layers, specialty paints are difficult to apply on a consistent basis, an absolute requirement of the OEM’s.

The Company has been able to develop programs with its paint application robots to be able to provide a consistent thin coating of these premium paints allowing the metallic flakes to orient themselves to the design parameters.  In addition to the metallization process, our ability to apply these special paints on a consistent basis without error makes Helios’s capabilities significant to the industry.


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