Environmentally Friendly, Metallized and Premium Paint Coatings


Only the combination of the highest product quality, efficient technological and commercial advice, outstanding service and our high level of flexibility make us an optimal partner for our OEM and wheel manufacturing customers.

Permanent ongoing development of the production processes, working procedures and supplier relationships represent the quality of our products. The focus in all of our processes is: quality, economy, safety and environmental protection. All of these components are equal objectives for our corporate activities.

For our customers, this means that they receive innovative, durable quality finishes using the most advanced environmentally friendly processes.

We are a IATF 16949:2016 certified facility in good standing which attest to the highs standards we and our customers require.

The members of our staff are constantly trained in environmental protection, quality control and safety procedures. We encourage open conversations with our customers, regulatory authorities, our employees and our owners leading to an integrated quality and environmental management system (QUM-System) to which all employees are committed.

Helios Coated Wheels

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